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Kingtox Rat Killing Glue Trap

Say goodbye to pesky rodents with the Kingtox Rat Killing Glue Trap: a highly effective solution for rodent control. Its powerful adhesive surface ensnares rats and mouse, preventing their escape. Designed with safety in mind, this trap is non-toxic and safe to use in homes or commercial spaces. With its durable construction, it remains effective for extended periods, ensuring a pest-free environment. Take control of your space and eliminate unwanted pests with the Kingtox Rat Killing Glue Trap.

Canye Cockroach Killing Bait Spray

Cockroaches hide in hard-to-reach places like inside the sink pipe, under the cylinder, under the fridge, etc. Hence they escape from regular and monthly kitchen cleaning regimen. It is important to get rid of hidden cockroaches with a specialist solution like cockroach killing bait spray.


Canye Cockroach Killing Bait Gel

Canye Anti-Roach Gel is a cockroach nest killer. The anti-cockroach gel has special ingredients which attract cockroaches. On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die. Other cockroach killing paste that come in contact with those dead cockroaches also die, resulting in elimination of the cockroach nest.

10gm, 30gm

Canye Mouse and Rat Glue Board

If you’re looking for the best sticky glue trap to contain and kill mouses, the Canye mouse glue trap is a popular choice and can also handle both large and small roaches.

Kingtox All Insect Killer spray

Uniquely formulated to kill lizards. It is also very effective killer of flying and crawling insects Rapid action and long-lasting. Adds a rich classic lemon scent which refreshes the ambience. It can be use both indoors and outdoors.

300ml, 400ml

Kingtox Rat killer

Rat killer is very effective to control rats, mice and bandicoots in houses, stores, poultry farms, warehouses, hospitals, ports or any other place where rat meance occurs - just one feed will kill rat outside the premesis - no mess no worries


Kingtox Crawling insect killing powder

Effective for killing ants, cockroaches, wasp, woodlice & other crawling insects. - ideal for home sewerage


Kingtox Crawling insect Killer spray

Eliminates all crawling insects spreading bacteria - Highly effective against cockroaches - Easy push pump cap to spray all around

300ml, 400ml

Kingtox Roach killing Gel

Most effective method of controlling cockroaches and other crawling insects - One drop eaten by a cockroach will make thousand of them die through chain reaction