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Crown International Products

Tulip cotton balls

100% pure Cotton Balls are a must-have for every household, offering a safe and versatile solution for various skincare and beauty tasks. With equal sizing and adherence to I.P. standards, these soft and pure white cotton balls are ideal for applying moisturizers, lotions, and makeup products, as well as for removing nail polish and makeup. Produced in a hygienic and automated facility, they are dermatologically and microbiologically tested to ensure the highest quality and safety, making them the go-to choice for daily beauty routines.


Tulip cotton buds

Tulips Cotton Buds are made & packed on state-of-the-art, computerized Swiss lines. Made with pure & 100% cotton, these buds are safe & ideal for daily hygiene and grooming. Thus, you can even use them to clean the delicate areas of your baby's body, such as the gaps between fingers and toes and nostrils.


Tulip cotton buds

Tulips Cotton buds are made & packed on state of the art, computerized Swiss lines. Our products are distributed to various markets, with an assurance of hygiene & purity.


Tulip cottons pads

Tulips Cotton pads are 100% PURE Cotton. There are no chemicals used in its production. TULIPS Cotton pads are made with special water-jet technology which ensures NO FIBRE RESIDUE when you clean your skin with them.

50 Pcs