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Crown International Products

Crown Double Sided Tissue Tape

Designed for adhering posters, photos , envelopes, ornament hooks,computerized embroidery, shoe and leather industry.

18mm X 4 Metre

Crown Stretch Film

Stretch film or stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used in packaging and shipping to wrap around items to keep them in place. Stretch films or wraps are stretchable plastic films that are used to wrap a product to keep them in place securely. They are commonly used in shipping pallets to keep products and boxes locked-in during shipping.

0.75 kg, 1kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg

Crown Double Sided Foam Tape

Double-sided foam tapes are used for temporary or permanent fastening, packaging, acoustic dampening, thermal insulation, and gap filling and many other things as well.

18mm X 4 Metre

Crown Aluminium Tape

Can use the aluminium tape for a variety of purposes where heat or moisture protection is important, including sealing air conditioning ducts, jointing insulation panels, and creating a vapour proof barrier in ducts. It can be used for various other things as well and the usage is not limited.


Crown Paper Tape

Paper tape is widely used for color separation and painting made by hand or by spray, furniture making, automobile, and aircraft painting, appliance manufacturing, decorative glass making, powder coating, plating, and sandblasting.


Crown Duct Tape

Duct tape has now become multipurpose and is used for general sealing, patching holes, packing boxes and repairs. Some duct tapes can also stick to rough and uneven indoor and outdoor surfaces such as wood, stone, plaster, brick and metal.


Crown Clear Tape

There are many things clear tape may be used for, including the repairing ripped paper, securing packaging and gift wrapping, among others. This tape comes in a variety styles, including simple tape and packing tape.

96mm*35 Metres

Crown Brown Tape

Used for bundling, sealing and wrapping, it is the ideal all-purpose tape for jobs that require strong and reliable seals.