Our Automatic Air fresheners is an innovative aerosol air freshener that works continuously to
neutralize malodors leaving your home and office with pleasant aromatic scent all day long. It
contains a smart chip programmed to release a small spray of long lasting fragrance at time
intervals desired by you.

How to use

1. Open/unlock the dispenser
2. Insert 1.5 alkaline battery
3. Insert canister
4. Adjust spray interval (time switch)
5. Test on/off switch
6. Close the cabinet if testing is Ok


1. Turn nozzle away from face when testing
2. Push inside gear up when insert a canister
3. Do not spray toward food table
4. Do not use in air tight place
5. Avoid direct sun shining and keep away
from children.

Time seting: 7.5 min, 15 Min, 30 Min- Day/night sensor available
Suitable for: Home, offices, schools, Hospitals, Hotels and bath rooms.

Fragrances available:
Jasmine – Strawberry – Peach – Grapes – CK – Channel – Melon – Lavender-Lemon – Sweet
Berry – Burberry – Cocktail – Rose – Musk – Bokkoor -Mango.
* Available on Rental based on one year contract.