Tulip cotton buds 200 Pcs

Tulips Cotton buds are made & packed on state of the art, computerized Swiss lines. Our products  are distributed to various markets, with an assurance of hygiene & purity.


Tulips Cotton buds are manufactured automatically, using purest medical grade Cotton (I.P Grade), at a GMP certified production facility. We follow international standard size of 5 mm.

Tulips gives 100% assurance that cotton will not debond from the stick during ear lobe cleaning. The outer fibres of the swabs may open up or loosen a bit for better cleaning but please do not consider it as debonding.

TULIPS cotton swabs are made with 100% pure cotton (non-sterile)- all natural materials. The stick comes in 2 varients :

1. Sustainably sourced FSC certified paper, specially manufactured to retain its form and to allow for flexibility and safety in use. Adhesive is used to maintain the attachment of the cotton fiber to the applicator.

2. Food grade polyproylene used for sticks, very heavy grammage for better strength

TULIPS Eco-friendly FSC certified cotton swabs are Biodegradable when composted.

No. TULIPS cotton swabs are available in Paper & PP sticks only.