Tulip cotton balls 50 Pcs

Tulips Cotton balls are 100% PURE Cotton. Tulips Cotton balls are made & packed automatically on state of art production lines. Softest & purest Cotton fibre is used in TULIPS Cotton balls. Ideal for make-up removal/ application, general hygiene & baby care.


The Cotton balls are manufactured automatically, using purest medical grade Cotton (I.P Grade), at a GMP certified production facility.

Tulips Cotton Balls Shape : Cylindrical, Rolled

Weight of Cotton per ball : 0.55 Gm (+/- 5%)

100 % Pure, Soft, Gentle & skin friendly, Dermatologically Tersted; Microbiologically Tested, Chemical Free; Produced & Packed Untouched By Hands; Unmatched Consistency

As the Cotton balls are packed in plastic bags worldwide, the balls always tend the deshape but the Cotton softness is always intact.