Tulip cotton buds 100 Pcs

Tulip cotton buds 100 Pcs

Tulip cotton buds 100 Pcs

  • We use softest possible fibre of Pharmacopoeia grade Cotton
    Cotton IP, made up of Comber, is used… which gives softest feel.
  • A state of art, microprocessor controlled Glue System, which no other company has….. not even J&J
    We suggest that you compare a J&J bud with our buds, to experience why we are very so fussy that all our 8 million cotton swabs made everyday… are equally soft !


◦  Safest, softest & purest Cotton used, as per I.P. Standards.

◦  Produced & Packed in a clean, hygienic & controlled facility.

◦  Produced on fully automated production lines, making our products untouched by hands.

◦  Dermatologically & Microbiologically Tested.

◦  Guaranteed cotton-stick bonding! Outer fibres may loosen for better cleaning, but cotton swabs will never debond during ear lobe cleaning.

◦  Available in various counts & packings – Pouch, Jar, Flat box.