Tulip cotton balls 50 Pcs

Tulip cotton balls 50 Pcs

Tulip cotton balls 50 Pcs

TULIPS is one of the pioneers in the field of Personal Cotton hygiene, making high quality products since 1999. TULIPS is today, one of the largest & most qualitative brand in Asia, when it comes to personal hygiene products like Cotton buds, swabs, Cotton balls, Cotton pads, Cotton rolls & pleats. All TULIPS products are produced in world-class facilities & comply with highest quality standards worldwide. The use of the product range extends beyond personal & oral hygiene to general use cleansing, makeup application/ removal, household usages and even in arts & crafts.



◦  100% pure Cotton Balls are a must for every household.

◦  Perfect cotton balls for application of Moisturizer, Lotions or Micellar Water etc.

◦  Useful for removing Nail Polish, Make-up, also applying Powder, Bronzer and Blush

◦  Equal & perfectly sized balls.

◦  Safest, softest & purest White Cotton balls, as per I.P. Standards.

◦  Produced & Packed in a clean, hygienic & controlled facility.

◦  Produced on fully automated production lines, making our products untouched by hands.

◦  Dermatologically & Microbiologically Tested.