Moksh Agarbatti 7 in 1 pack

Moksh Agarbatti 7 in 1 pack

Moksh Agarbatti 7 in 1 pack

Fragrances have the capacity to connect us to God

The sweet aroma of 7 in 1 Assorted Incense Sticks will refresh and sooth your mind. The mesmerizing fragrance of each agarbatti sticks creates a beautiful experience for you, and will leave you enamored.




Moksh 7 in 1 comprises serenitymystique, and aura fragrances. Moksh Agarbatti has created fancy fragrances which is mesmerising, soothing and tranquil.
Exotic Sandal
The intoxicating smell of sandal is widely known for its therapeutic and healing properties.
wood is used as a sign of purity and extreme sanctity. It holds a place of prominence in our religious and spiritual rituals. The smell of Sandal is widely loved by one and all. Moksh agarbatti uses premium quality sandalwood fragrance so that you can truly feel your home transforming into a peaceful and holier place.
Moksh Agarbatti brings to you the sweet fragrance of rose in its Rose series. Rose is known as the king of flowers, its lemony fresh with various nuances of powder or fruit notes. Superior ingredients have been used to give the authentic smell of roses. The uses and benefits of rose are unknown to none. For the past numerous centuries, rose and its syrups and extracts have been used in multiple industries including the food industry, perfumery industry and skin care industry.
Moksh Agarbatti has used superior quality ingredients to bring you the Musk fragrance of incense sticks. The woodsy and earthy fragrance is soothing and refreshing. Amber The sweet and warm fragrance of Amber incense sticks is ideal for your home and workplace.
Moksh Agarbatti has used superior quality ingredients to bring to you the authentic smell of
Pineapple that makes you feel better
Woody incense sticks spread pleasant fragrance and create a positive environment. The incense sticks gives a woody aroma made with quality ingredients
The Moksh flora incense stick carries a soothing scent. Sticks smell floral and citric in a beautiful way. The aroma on burning is mild and pleasant, with sweet floral top notes

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