About Us

Crown International also known as CI is one among the most successful retail businesses in Kuwait. We are a decade old company who imports & distributes various consumer products in diverse category to Hypermarkets, Retailers and Wholesalers in Kuwait. At Crown International we offer multiple Brands & products to retail customers under the categories of home care, personal care and hair care in Kuwait. We are ISO & OHSAS certified company with standards for high quality products,professional management and ethical business practices. We are currently having a well-resourced team and marketing professionals of high caliber who are customer centric and result oriented. Thus we empower our customers and partners to capitalize on opportunities in our region.

Our Origin

Before becoming a diversified company we started as a Logistics company in the year 2008 as Crown Logistics Co W.L.L. also known as CLC. Crown International was established in the year 2009 along with other divisions. We have subsequently formalized and consolidated all our divisions under Crown Business Group also known as CBG.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Corporate identity has been built on the strength of our professional and competent team which is customer centric and Our robust business understanding of the customer and business needs in the region. We are happy to be recognized for leaving a positive imprint on all of our business relationships with our valued customers and partners.